QBox, Exposiciones, Ferias, Congresos, Boxes, Workshops, Madrid
QBox, Exposiciones, Ferias, stands, Boxes, Workshops, Madrid
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Come to discover all of the infinite aplications of this revolutionary construction in cardboard system.

EXPO QBOX: we introduce our home furniture lines, office, exhibitions, didactical games, and emergency furniture for countries in process of development.

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Exhibitions and meetings!

CREATIVE HUBBS FORUM LISBON 2015. January 13-15. Sponsored by the culture ministry. Creative industries.

EXPO QBOX CPUM November 22-January 8 2015. Monographic exhibition, comercial presentation and  childish culture activities with Qbox, Camera of the Madrid’s Urban Property.

QBOX LASEDE COAM: june 12 – july 4 2014. First QBOX monographic exhibition at the Madrid Architects school headquarter.

SUMMIT STARTUP THE FUSION june 27 2014. International presentation at the Bellas Artes circle of Madrid.

ZINCSHOWER 2014 may 23-25 2014. First QBOX public presentation. Awarded by the culture ministry.

1. Creativity Hubbs Lisbon 2015

From January 13 to january 15 took a place in Creative Hubs Forum Lisbon 2015.

Qbox was present and we took a chance to teach about the versatility of QBOX SHOW in the commerce square.

2 Expo qbox San Martín.

Actual headquarter.

From november 22 to january 8 took a place at the open monographic exhibition, to get to know the different lines and aplications of Qbox and make the QBOX comercial presentation.

During the months of january and february we will be here and you will be able to visit us with previous date.

3 qbox LASEDE Coam

June 12- July 4 2014

On the magnificent Madrid architects school buildings lobby we made our very first  monographic exhibition and we celebrated the delivery of the first QBOX drawing contest awards.

4 Summit Startup the Fusion.

June 26-27 2014

Qbox presentation, in this international Summit, that was located in the Bellas Artes circle at Madrid.

5 Zincshower.

May 23-25 2014.

First QBOX public exhibition at the Madrid’s Matadero.


Plaza de San Martín,4

28013, Madrid

Information and reserves:

Phone number 631.15.13.10


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