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Cardboard furniture for humanitarian help and sustainable development.


It is easy to transport from one place to another and one hundred per cent recyclable when its useful life comes to an end, qbox drastically reduces the transport and the cost of basic furniture and can be a perfect solution to the need of emergency furniture after natural disasters or the need of basic furniture in developing countries.
It is possible to print on the carton the logos of the sponsors or the NGOs that direct the humanitarian help, as well as educational content or sanitary basic rules.
Our most immediate objective is to work together in order to make the creation and distribution of 200 kits of qbox WORLD  in Mlingottini and Pande ,Tanzania, something real.
The kit consists of three modules, stored one inside of the other, that allow for different applications: a desk and a chair (it enables you to keep your school materials), or a container and a stool, which allow you to store objects inside.


Would you like to have QBox at home?