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Decorate the sides of a Qbox World kit for new settlements and emergency situations.



FIRST. THEME. This is a competition to create de design on our Qbox World sides, which are the most varied. These are the cardboard construction kits we have developed to serve as emergency furniture and basic furniture for new settlements in developing countries.

Qbox seeks, through this competition, to make the students aware of the situation for children in other countries, and more importantly, to encourage the needed child participation in the seach of an intercultural and caring society.

How would you like to decorate the chairs, tables, shelves, or cardboard containers that we will give to the children in emergency situations or for the new settlements? Do you want to draw a picture for them? We are looking for the child perspective and its embodiment in artistic expression.

SECOND. CATEGORIES. The competition is set for kids in Primary School, during the 2014-15 year, in Spain´s schools. There are three categories:
Students in 1st and 2nd Spanish grade.
Students in 3rd and 4th Spanish grade.
Students in 5th and 6th Spanish grade.

THIRD. PRESENTATION OF THE DRAWINGS. The individual drawings will be drawn on a specific DINA4, which the participants have to download from the website. Each kid can bring in a drawing only for the individual category. All techniques are allowed to be used to draw the pictures, either alone or combined: felt-tip pen, paint, coloring pencils, cut-out paper… The children must add their names, age, grade, school where they study and a contact number.

FOURTH. HAND-IN PLACE AND DEADLINE. The drawings must be handed in until February the 21th, sending a scanned copy of them or its picture to the following email address: concurso@qbox.mobi. Together with the drawing, their parents or the teacher will send an application form which will also be provided in this website.

FIFTH. PRIZES.. For each category, a prize will be given, being a kit of three pieces with the chosen designs.

SIXTH. JURY AND PRIZE-GIVING. The jury will consist of:

José Antonio Fernández Bravo, Dean of the Education faculty, UCJC.

Luís Pastor Pérez, Informatics Engineering Professor, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

José Antonio Granero, Architecture Association in Madrid.

Ana Rosa Lagares, teacher and researcher on children pedagogy and education.

Alfred Lammie, producer and entertainer.

Elena Teresa López Cobeñas, Director of the Education faculty UCJC.

Nestor Nongo, Culture Ministry, Cultural Industries.

On February 21th, 2015, the jury´s decision will be announced in this website and it will also be announced to the winners. From the fist of May, the prizes will be given and the exhibition of the finalists’ work will be held, together with the international exhibition in Milan.

SEVENTH. RIGHTS OF THE DRAWINGS. The participation in the contest implies the cession of the drawing, its reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation to Qbox Diseño S.L.U., as it is established on the Intellectual Property laws, as long as it is permitted in the law mentioned.

EIGHTH. ATTACHED INFORMATION. To participate in the drawing contest, it is essential, if the participants present their drawing individually, for the parents or legal guardian to attach, along with the drawing and personal information, the application form completed, provided in this website, allowing them to participate, accepting the terms and conditions and giving their approval to what is mentioned in them.

NINTH. DATA PROTECTION. In compliance with the Constitutional Law, 15/99, of December 13, we inform you that the personal data, obtained for the participation in the competition, will be processed and added to our files, property of QBOX Diseño S.L.U., engaged to perform the management of this competition. The necessary data can be used publicly on Qbox webpage. In any case, the data will be processed according to the valid Data Protection Act. The person concerned is entitled to access, redress, oppose or modify them, addressing to Qbox (concurso@qbox.mobi).

Download here the template for the competition plantilla 2 concurso infantil-Model 

Download here the application form of the 2nd DOODLING COMPETITION. 2ºCONCURSO DE DIBUJO INFANTIL



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